Google releases emergency Chrome 105 update to address security issue

Here it is again, still with the same comment, slightly reformulated. Booooring. In any event:

> No other browser has as many security issues as the Chrome/Chromium engine code base.

Yes, because no other browser is used so much and comes under so much scrutiny.

> safer like Firefox, Librewolf

A browser without real site isolation and without a sandbox is safer? I guess they’re lucky in that nobody really gives a fuck anymore.

> The excuse? it’s for safety LOL.

Yes, because letting extensions (including malicious ones) intercept and redirect all connections is a good idea. /s This is precisely what the webRequest API does.

> terrible security and privacy practices

Horrible compared to what? Mozilla? LOL.

Ask experts like Daniel Micay (dev of GrapheneOS) what he thinks of the security practices of Firefox (or renamed Firefox, i.e. LibreWolf).

> advanced rust programming

> secure browser written in rust, Firefox

None of the most attacked components of Firefox are actually written in Rust. I’ve told you this before, so I guess you’re just spreading fake news at this point. If you had actually read Madaidan’s comparison between Firefox and Chromium, you would know that too. But you didn’t, or at least you ignore the facts when it suits you.

> This shows that the madaidan blog or whatever it is called has no idea what it is talking about.

No one, including you, has managed to refute the article so far… Probably because madaidan, unlike you, actually looks at the base code, compares the respective security practices, and then bases his conclusions on that . It doesn’t need to misinterpret and misuse statistical probabilities like “Nobody uses my browser, so nobody cares to hack it, so it’s secure” like the garbage you’re pushing here . Good security practices should not depend on something being unused/irrelevant.

I know of an attempted “rebuttal” and it was soundly destroyed by madaidan on the spot, on the FF subreddit. Now they are fearing the article and trying to delete it, I wonder why… It must be due to their excellent security practices: and

Notice they never refute any point of the article, just gossiping about “madaidan bad” it’s so laughable.

> Also it basically says that smartphones are literally more secure than desktop computing, this blog is really stupid.

Because they are, LOL. Between desktop operating systems accepting apps from dubious sources, the lack of a true permissions model, the lack of app virtualization, and more. How is that even a discussion?

> Trust statistics, not random opinions found on random blogs.

I wish people like you would, because the stats would tell you that the most used project is also the most searched for in terms of security issues. Should make sense, but then every salesperson needs their pitch I guess.

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