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Until battery technology improves, phone manufacturers have introduced new features aimed at preserving your battery life. Samsung does this by letting you limit how much your phone charges, while Google has opted for an adaptive charging feature. Essentially, it makes your phone charge slowly overnight and speed up so your phone always hits 100% when you wake up. By doing so, this is designed to help your phone’s battery last longer, thereby improving the longevity of the device.

According to a new commit from Chromium Gerrit, spotted by 9to5Google, it looks like adaptive charging may finally be making its way to a Chromebook near you. The official description of this feature reads as follows:

Minimizes the time the device spends on full battery to preserve battery life.

It’s something we don’t really think about much when it comes to our laptops and Chromebooks. Usually you just keep your laptop charged all the time while using it at your desk, but we never really let the battery drain completely for one reason or another. Using adaptive charging would likely do the same thing, extending your Chromebook’s battery life.

But that would still work differently than how adaptive charging works with your smartphone. This is because we don’t charge our laptops regularly or consistently because it just depends on how you use the computer. Google will therefore have to use Machine Learning to try to charge at a different rate than to provide as much power as possible to charge your Chromebook as quickly as possible.

9to5Google also found references to a notification that would appear when adaptive charging is active. Additionally, Chrome OS is said to include settings that allow you to completely disable the feature, which would be useful for those who need to get as much juice as possible, as quickly as possible.

Sadly, there’s no indication of when this feature might land on a stable version of Chrome OS, let alone if it’s something we’d even see in the Canary Channel. Maybe Google is just working on a new definition feature for an unannounced Pixelbook, because the Pixelbook Go is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point.

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