Google has just made it easy for developers to create beautiful apps on big screens, and we’re here for it.

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Hardware design for large screensSource: Simone Noronha / Google

The updated guidelines are expected to help developers design more responsible, adaptable and scalable apps so that users get the best possible experience, whether their apps are on better phones, new foldables, or cheap Android tablets. It should better solidify developers’ understanding of component layout and design to ensure that all UI elements correctly match the screen they are rendered on. It also serves as an overview of the 5 things you can do to prepare your app for large screens and What’s new in foldables, tablets and large screens sessions next week.

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We’ve long needed better guidance for big-screen apps – especially Chromebooks – and given that this year’s Google I / O is looking to bring us the biggest design changes for Android since Material Design was unveiled. For the first time at Google I / O 2014, it’s no surprise that Google tries to lay the groundwork early and make sure the basics are up to date and up to date before jumping into the so-called Material NEXT and this chic new system theme system that again does not appear in developer previews. Hopefully Google saves it for a big stage debut next week, as the new theme system looks too pretty to be a fake.

Chromebooks weren’t explicitly mentioned in today’s announcement or guidelines – which isn’t too surprising given that the materials design team tends to focus on phones first and foremost. and Android tablets – but when Android Central reached out to materials design attorney Liam Spradlin, who wrote today’s preview and worked a lot on the new guidelines, he said it didn’t. is just the start:

“In this update, we tried to establish layout guidelines that would move from phones to computer screens, as well as guidelines for the composition and behavior of components that evolve along the way. … There is still work to be done to dig deeper into the unique specifics of certain form factors, however. “

One thing’s for sure: next week will be a banner week for Android and the Material Design teams, and I for one can’t wait to see it unfold on Tuesday.

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