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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (October 8, 2021) – Blast egg-headed robots, knock enemies down from the sky through candy portals or shoot them with a flying toy train, while playing in candy-covered palm groves, lava-filled ice caves , angry quantum volcanoes or hidden submarines. maritime bunkers. The battle is on to restore the party to earth using the power of music, quantum entanglement, and some of the wackiest weapons imaginable. No Really … Have you ever tried to kill a crazy grumpy robot by throwing the head of a panicked snowman in battle?

Fowl Robot Army (a new video game studio) is preparing to launch its first Kickstarter on October 12, 2021 to further expand the development of Party Poppin ‘Robot Stompin’, their wacky new game developed in Blender and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.

– Gender: Open world, multiplayer, action, adventure, survival, strategy.

– Platform: Linux, Windows, Consoles.

Party Poppin ‘Robot Stompin’: and The Candy-Verse Collision different idea. In a mad attempt to get rid of the Fowl Robot Army, the planet is accidentally quantum entangled with the Candy-Verse. With both the laws of physics and stable blood sugar levels thrown out the window, the battle is on to push these yellow-minded revelers back to whatever boring hole they come from with. ketchup fights, party generators, quantum candy guns, and much more. Following.

Spin your engines, and load up your candy portal cannons, for these heroes live to be (wait for it) …

Party Poppin ‘Robot Stompin’

About Fowl Robot Army: What do you get when you cross an old, gray-haired graphic nerd who turned down Hollywood jobs to start his own business and a competitive tap dancer turned music composer who reads international law to relax? A bunch of child prodigies, video game developers of course! What if your “normal” learned computer programming at age 10? Then maybe you would be one of the super-skilled and creative young Doogie Howsers working at Fowl Robot Army. This multigenerational indie game studio has the perfect blend of fresh, young and creative ideas mixed with seasoned tech veterans and longtime industry professionals.



Party Poppin ‘Robot Stompin’


The Candy-Verse Collision


12 October 2021


Open world, multiplayer, action, adventure, survival, strategy.

PC, Linux, consoles.

Poultry Robot Army


ETA 2024 with demos and earlier beta.


march 2020



[email protected]




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