Family threatens to sue KCSO in jail escape for accused killer Tyrone Johnson

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – After a cheeky prison break, Tyrone Johnson traveled to a neighborhood in Shafter and snuck into a house, authorities said.

Johnson, charged with murder in the shooting death of Major Sutton, 3, allegedly took food out of the refrigerator, removed clothes from the laundry room and loaded a backpack with a Chromebook and alcohol, according to reports from the sheriff.

The owner’s son had fallen asleep on the sofa the night before with his red iPhone by his side. Waking up around 6:20 am, he immediately noticed that the phone was missing.

Then he saw a man running in the yard.

He woke up his father, who confronted Johnson as he attempted to steal a car, according to reports. A brief fight ensued in which the father retrieved the backpack before Johnson jumped a fence and escaped, according to reports.

The heartbreaking experience left the family shaken – and demanded compensation.

The family filed a lawsuit, the precursor to a lawsuit, against the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. The complaint alleges Sheriff Donny Youngblood and prison staff were negligent in their operation of Lerdo’s trial preparation center and are responsible for the April escape of Johnson and his co-accused David Palms.

The father received scrapes and cuts during the altercation, and he and his son both suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and are seeing therapists, according to the claim.

“The (son) has now started to suffer from PTSD and has had difficulty sleeping and going to school as he lives in fear that the escaped inmate will return to their residence and attack as the inmate attacked the father of the claimant “, states the claim.

An amount is not indicated in the claim filed on October 27 by Fresno’s attorney Mark Castro, only that it is over $ 25,000.

Youngblood said Johnson and Palms had previously attempted to escape from another establishment. For some reason, they remained cell mates.

The sheriff told News 17 in May that the staff, department protocol and the facility itself were under review.

“This is something that shouldn’t have happened,” Youngblood told 17 News in May.

The municipality has 45 days to respond. If the request is denied, legal action can be taken.

Johnson, 24, and Palms, 23, are each charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and other offenses in the November 10, 2017 shooting, which killed Major and injured his pregnant mother and youngster brother.

The shooting is said to be linked to a gang. Palms and Johnson are members of the East Side Crips street gang, and Major’s mother lived with a member of a rival gang.

Charges related to the escape were filed when the men were picked up.

Both cases are scheduled to be heard in Kern County Superior Court on Tuesday.

According to court documents, Palms and Johnson escaped in the early hours of April 28 through a hole in the ceiling. Metal had been cut and blasted, leading to a crawl space and air ducts. Ropes and torn clothes were found in the crawl space.

Prison staff reported hearing noises on the roof but believed they were caused by a cat or a raccoon, the documents show.

About an hour later, a review of surveillance footage showed two men dressed only in white underpants and shoes rushed to the roof of the main entrance to the justice center and slid down the flag poles, according to reports.

Staff locked down the facility and performed an emergency count. When they arrived at the cell housing Palms and Johnson, they saw what appeared to be an inmate in the upper bunk and another in the lower bunk, covered in blankets. But no one responded to the orders of the deputies.

The bunks contained bags of liquid placed in a torso-mimic manner, with newspapers and toilet paper rolled up to simulate a head, the documents said. Socks tucked into shoes had been placed near the bottom of the bunks to complete the effect.

Palms was picked up hours later from a Dollar general store on the Lerdo Freeway near Freeway 43.

Johnson was on the loose for almost two months. He was taken into custody following a car chase in Bakersfield.

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