DACC student ranks first in BPA

A Delaware Area Career Center student recently won first place in a national Business Professionals of America competition, a first for the career center.

Chase Dauphin, a recent graduate of DACC and Worthingon Kilbourne High School, became the first student in the school’s history to win first place in the national division of the BPA competition in the category of individual multimedia production.

The school said this was a goal the instructors had been working on for 15 years.

For the competition, participants were asked to compare and compare in-person learning and online learning.

“I know everyone thinks differently about learning at home than being at school,” said Dauphin. “I tried to ignore my own feelings and take an objective look at the impact of the two learning styles on the students.”

In her one-minute-and-nine-second video, Dauphin depicts a student learning at home, experiencing the isolation and stress of not being in class. The video goes to a classroom where the students are masked and socially distant.

“You can see those teachers that you once took for granted and now want to see,” Dauphin said in the voiceover of the video.

Dauphin’s video won first place in the national competition. Dauphin said he was honored with the award.

“It’s really good to have won, but I only gave up for about a minute before I focused on my other projects and my business,” he said.

Dauphin’s digital design instructor Josh Gallagan said he was proud of Dauphin’s first place in the competition.

“We have top 10 nationals students every year, but we’ve been working on a national championship for a long time,” said Gallagan. “Chase really took this project and owned it. I am more than proud of him.

Dauphin runs Dauph Media, a media and production company, and he plans to continue growing his business across the country now that he’s graduated. His advice to prospective students is to follow your heart.

“Do whatever makes you happy,” he says.

In addition, several other DACC students placed in the BPA competition: Adrian Self placed seventh in the Linux OS competition; Daniel Dawit placed fifth in the Java programming competition; Jade Stephens was a national finalist in the desktop publishing competition; Ashlee Bennett placed in the top 20 in computer modeling; and Matt Burke ranked in the top 20 in promoting graphic design.

DACC teams also finished and took top honors. Teams ranked in the top 10 included the team of Lucas Martinez, Josh Nagel, Samantha Sellers and Joe Schaffranek (fifth in the video production competition); Benji Wachtman, John Fashian, Kai Mays and Garett Markel (fifth in the Virtual Multimedia Promotion Team competition); Emma Hutchings, JJ Zink, Jeff Arseneau and Caroline Iversen (top 10 in the Broadcast News Production competition).

Three teams from DACC’s application development program made it into the top 10 in the software engineering competition. Second place went to the team of Nick Dible, Reece Gaddie, Brayden Schnell and Owen Burdo, while the team of Cameron Cash, Jeremy Fellows, Dakota Hughes and Zachary Ward finished third. The team of Samuel Heiligmann, Zachary Millisor and Erin Stacey placed 10th.


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