‘Cursive’ for Chromebooks Might Finally Be the Digital Notebook You Wish You Had

More and more of us are going digital these days, replacing our pens and paper with a tablet and stylus combo. With the right software and the right hardware, tablets could be the perfect medium for taking notes in class, illustrating, and doing everything a traditional PC can do. Unfortunately, decent apps for taking handwritten notes on Chromebooks are scarce, with most suffering from high input latency and random jitter. It seems that Google has finally taken Remark of the situation, because he now plans to give students and artists an appropriate solution.

Along with the HP Chromebook X2 11, the company announced a new digital laptop app developed by Google, which came first for its new Chrome tablet. It’s aptly called “Cursive” and allows pen users to easily organize and create handwritten notes on their device with low latency. Similar to its doodle-focused Canvas app, Cursive is a progressive web app (PWA), offering the benefits of being multi-compatible (as long as it’s running Chrome) as well as the ability to work offline.

A collection of notes on the Cursive home page. | 9to5Google

You can create new notes (choose between blank, grid, point, etc.) by pressing the blue button “New note” at the top left of the application. As you continue to take notes, the home page will fill up – each document represented by a preview with when it was last annotated. When things get a little too crowded, you can group your notes using folders, which form a horizontal carousel across the top of the screen. Similar to tab groups in Chrome, you can give each folder a designated color and name to help keep you organized. You can also quickly find your notes thanks to a search function, accessible at the top right of the screen. Cursive will automatically save your documents to the cloud so that you can access them on any device.

Cursive offers a selection of annotation tools at the top of the screen. | 9to5Google

When you open or create a new note, Cursive neatly organizes the drawing tools in its toolbar at the top of the screen. You have access to three media: pen, highlighter and eraser. Although it is not displayed, you should be able to customize the ink size and color from the toolbar. There’s also a selection tool in case you need to move parts of your text around, an insert image feature to add graphics to your documents, and a line tool – which we assume will allow you to create shapes. If you make a mistake, you can quickly undo or redo the strokes you’ve made without using the eraser tool. Cursive also brings handwriting recognition on the Google device to your notes to improve productivity, such as jotting down a block of text to delete, circling content to move it, or drawing a line at the top of the page to do so. more place.

Google Cursive arrives first for HP’s latest Chromebook x2 11 tablet and will come pre-installed on other stylus-compatible Chromebooks later this year. Personally, I can’t wait to try this tool when it becomes widely available. As someone who writes notes for my classes on a daily basis with Squid (another great app), the combination of Google Drive backup, low latency, and cross-platform support are all big selling points for me. . We will keep an eye on the availability of the app and keep you updated when we hear more.

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