Configure Raspberry Pi as a central backup server with Syncthing

In this article, we assume that you have installed Syncthing on the devices to be backed up as well as on a Raspi with an external hard drive as the central backup computer. The task here is to configure the backup using the example of a data folder that needs to be synchronized from a Windows computer to the Backup Raspi. This could be, for example, the “Documents” folder, which contains important files that change frequently. You might as well have your photos, projects, and more backed up. These instructions will also help you if you want to backup data from Linux computers, Macs, or smartphones / tablets. Syncthing’s web interface used for configuration is always the same. You can also use hardware other than Raspi as a backup target, such as an old Linux or Windows PC. But consider the power consumption – no normal PC can handle 3 watts in sleep mode.

You can access the user interface of a Syncthing installed and running on Windows and Linux systems in the browser by calling Before you start to configure data backup, you need to make some basic settings. The Syncthing interface is not password protected as standard. You can change this in the settings, which you open via the Actions menu at the top right and click on the “GUI” tab.

Syncthing automatically adopts the computer’s network name as the device name. Depending on the PC, sometimes this is a cryptic jumble of characters – for ease of setup, you should give all your instances of Syncthing descriptive names, such as “Desktop PC”, “Work Notebook” or “Backup” -Raspi ”. You also do this in the settings: enter the name under “Device name” in the “General” tab.

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