Cloud Games Launcher for Chromebooks

Just a month ago, a Chromium repository commit was discovered revealing that Google was working on a way to allow users to search for any cloud game across multiple cloud game providers directly from their launcher. Chromebooks. Clicking on any of these results would instantly launch the game, bringing them into the action without downloading or having to manually navigate to Stadia or GeForce NOW, for example, to do so.

Now, C2 Productions on Twitter received an update from the Canary channel of his ChromeOS device that shows the game launcher in action. As you can see below, typing “Weather” accidentally leaked War Thunder and Maneater on Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, which is how it originally came to our attention.

As you can see from the image in this article, my thoughts on what it would look like don’t exactly match the reality. My mockup obviously looks a lot fancier than the real deal now that I see it, but based on the description we previously got, I figured the game covers would show up at the top of the search. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re only looking at small icons with text appearing under a “Games” category in the new Productivity Launcher at the moment.

At this point it’s nothing spectacular and it’s just a shortcut to get to one of those services faster, but hopefully it will eventually take the form of a game cover of its own whole to make it more attractive. Ever since Google switched to the Productivity Launcher, it’s completely ditched the big icons and really all the fancy graphics when searching.

This is likely to keep things fast and nice, “productive”, as the new launcher’s name suggests, but it’s still kind of sucks to see games reduced to simple app icons like that. I’m not going to complain just yet, although it’s only on the Canary channel, it’s probably still going through the iterative design and development process.

For now, I’ll just be happy if the Productivity Launcher has a much faster animation when opening and closing folders, and faster drag-and-drop capabilities when organizing things. What do you think of the cloud gaming launcher seen above? I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you think it’s additional clutter or if you might find yourself using it when it finally hits the Stable channel.

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