Chrome OS extends the reach of its operating system

It’s been over 10 years since Chrome OS redefined the desktop operating system. While virtual desktops have been around since the days when we used VT-102 terminals to run Unix shells from remote mainframes and minicomputers, Google Chrome OS showed us that we can run modern GUI-style desktops from the cloud.

This part is still vital. I’ve been watching the desktop move from PCs to the cloud for a decade now. But Chrome OS also has the particularity of incorporating other operating systems into its offerings. This was pointed out recently at Google I / O’s Chrome OS Keynote.

Much of what the folks at Google had to say was impressive, but not surprising. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the rise of work and home learning, is it any wonder that IDC reported that Chromebook sales grew 92% in 2020? I do not think so.

Would you be shocked to learn that Chromebook sales aren’t slowing down at all? I was not. Indeed, they are accelerating. According to sales data analyst firm Canalys, Chromebook sales increased 275% in the first quarter alone compared to the first quarter of 2020.

There are all kinds of reasons for this. Chromebooks are cheap, easy to secure, and unlike Windows where every new Patch Tuesday is an adventure, Chrome OS updates keep rolling around without worry or worry.

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