Programming On Linux

QB64 reaches version 2.0, gets improved debugging

Despite its name, BASIC is not exactly a recommended language for beginners these days. Technology has evolved and now most people would steer you towards Python if you wanted to get started with software development. But for those who discovered programming by copying lines from BASIC into a computer magazine, …

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Visual Studio Code adds split editor capability

Visual Studio Code 1.61, introduced October 7, introduces the ability to open side-by-side editors for the same file. The new split editor functionality is activated by a “Split in Group” command, which splits an editor into two parts without the need for a second group of editors. Developers can also …

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Say hello to Ubuntu Frame

We use Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux on workstations, servers and clouds all the time. But Ubuntu also finds its place in narrower objectives. For example, Ubuntu Core Linux is often used in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Now, with Ubuntu Frame, Ubuntu has an even more specialized role: digital signs and …

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