Programming On Linux

Responsive logos and why you should invest in them

With such a variety of screen sizes and the introduction of new advertising channels, business owners have realized that logos are no longer “one size fits all”. Over the years, advancements in technology have caused business owners to think about and experiment with their brand design. Communicating your brand based …

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Arduino – communication via Ethernet network

For many years, the creation of large computer networks ceased to be used only for connecting computers. Falling prices and increasing computing power for small microcontrollers have initiated the rapid process of connecting low-power devices, primarily those providing control and measurement functions, to local Ethernet networks or even the global …

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The 5 best window managers for Linux

No matter how many screens you use with your computer, you will never be able to install all application windows on your desktop. Unless, of course, you have the right tool. A window manager is a perfect tool that meets this requirement very well and allows you to fully exploit …

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