Linux Netbooks

Linux: no need to be afraid of the penguin

Windows is the best operating system for computers. Linux, while for the most part free, open source, more resistant to viruses and easier to use, is having a hard time. These two versions facilitate the change. The penguin is struggling. Even after all these years, the Linux operating system mascot …

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Linux for everyone shines on the LXDE desktop

Linux for everyone could very well be a unifying Linux distribution that provides a common computing platform. LFA is a distro developed by Swedish software engineer Arne Exton of Exton Linux, the same developer who distributes ExTix Linux. The Swedish Linux Society hosts 16 Exton distributions. The Exton Linux distros …

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One Mix 1S ​​Yoga Mini Laptop Linux Review

the One Mix 1S ​​Yoga the mini laptop comes with Windows 10… but like most modern PCs you can also use a different operating system. And like most mini laptops I’ve tried in recent years, the out-of-the-box experience is probably flawed. I loaded a few different GNU / Linux distributions …

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