Linux Netbooks

Class surplus becomes a Linux powerhouse

The SMART Response XE is a handheld computer that was originally sold for classroom use as a terminal for students taking tests. It’s now cheap enough in the over-market that it has become a target for experimenters, and we’ve seen them with a variety of cool hacks. We particularly like …

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Install Linux as if it were in 1989

A common example of how much computing power is available to almost everyone today is comparing a smartphone to the Apollo guidance computer. This classic computer was the first to use integrated circuits, so it’s pretty obvious that most modern technologies would be orders of magnitude more powerful, but we …

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The great Windows 11 computer shutdown experience

There was a time when a new version of Windows was very important, like the launch of Windows 95 for which the tones of the Rolling Stones start Me Up could be heard in all kinds of media. Over the years that excitement died down, ultimately leaving us with Windows …

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