Acer unveils new enterprise Chromebooks

Acer has unveiled four new enterprise Chromebooks, which it says contain all of the latest in-demand technology and features that consumers, students and business users need. New launches include Acer’s Chromebook 317, its very first 17.3-inch Chromebook, which the company says marks a step forward in the industry, “Today we …

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ASUS Chromebook with 17.3-inch screen could be in the works

There is no shortage of Chromebooks on the market, as evidenced by recent figures from market research companies. Despite having different brands or even form factors, most of them share similar traits with a few exceptions. Most Chromebooks come with rather modest specs and conventional screen sizes. ASUS has been …

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How to use caps lock on a Chromebook

I’m not a big fan of using all caps, but there are times when it’s appropriate. Say when your soccer team wins, or a trailer for Disney + ‘s latest Marvel show just dropped. Love it or hate it, sometimes you just need to write in all caps. The problem …

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