Chromebook ready? The new Indian Express

Express news service What’s the first thing you do on a laptop? Most of us open a web browser (mainly Google Chrome) and start working. If MS Office refuses to open, no worries. You just open Google Docs and go. Right? If Adobe Acrobat Reader fails to open PDF files, …

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Google is testing a Windows 10-style Chromebook launcher

Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central Google is testing a new Chrome OS launcher that looks like some of the previous Chrome OS launchers to see if it increases productivity. The test was discovered by the people of ChromeStory by delving into Canary versions of the operating system. The experimental …

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Chrome OS extends the reach of its operating system

It’s been over 10 years since Chrome OS redefined the desktop operating system. While virtual desktops have been around since the days when we used VT-102 terminals to run Unix shells from remote mainframes and minicomputers, Google Chrome OS showed us that we can run modern GUI-style desktops from the …

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