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It is worth it. JioPhone Next retails at 649 dollars, but it’s possible to purchase it with the first installment of Rs.1,999 plus a processing charge of 500 rupees. 500. The balance of the purchase will be be paid monthly in installments, spread across the period of 18 and 24 months.

Bombay Mumbai New Delhi Its JioPhone Next phone, developed in in collaboration and with Reliance Industries and the Reliance Industries and Google group and Google group, has “received the huge support of both merchants and customers” in both urban and rural regions in accordance with Reliance Retail, which oversees the sales and distribution of this business. ‘device.

In its first statement following the launch on Diwali, Reliance Retail told ET that it doesn’t have a smartphone that has the identical features. The phone is now accessible for purchase for the first time at a cost of Rs . 1999. The phone has drawn many people to it.

The is secured with the SIM card, which is part of Reliance Jio, the telecommunications component of Reliance Industries. Retailers are accepting reservations to purchase the devices, and delivery is expected to start within the next few days.

“The users’ reaction towards Pragati’s operating system, particularly the camera , voice , and the capability to talk positively,” said Reliance Retail. It is accessible through JioMart Digital Partner retailers and these retailers “are expanding rapidly across the nation,” he said.

Pragati OS is an operating system developed in conjunction with Jio along with Google to be able to support JioPhone Next. JioPhone Next.

The phone was released before Diwali to help Reliance Jio target a large portion of the 300 million customers who have smartphones with features to connect in India. This phone retails at 699 rupees. However, it’s accessible with an initial cost of Rs. 1,999 and the processing fee is 500 rupees. The rest of the cost is borne in monthly installments that are spread across the 18 or 24 month period.

Analysts predicted that the success of the launch would be vital to Jio in its endeavor to attract 500 million subscribers. The operator dropped 11 million users in the period from July to September however, it concluded its quarter with 429.5 million users.

Market watchers ET interviewed have said that the product is grappling with issues in the market, and that the price is affecting demand , making people question the quantity of.

Analysts are are anticipating Reliance to reduce the price of the device because of the availability of components that include world-wide semiconductors, access to parts and simplicity of its use.

Vaun Mishra Analyst of Counterpoint Research, said the ever-growing shortage of components is the main reason for the price to be higher than estimates.

“All OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have been experiencing shortages, including Jio that could affect the method by which Jio is produced. Jio. But, as we near the holiday season there is a chance that demand for Jio may be lower and alleviate some of the pressures on stocks “Mishra stated.

The launch of the phone was delayed from September until November because of an insufficient supply of parts.

Mishra said that the cost for buying the JioPhone is four times more than that of the handset. Sanyam Chaurasia, analyst at the research firm that analyzes the technology market, Canalys. He noted that brands with excellent reputation, such as iTel, Infinix and Realme “have released smartphones that offer excellent financing options and EMI. 

“It could be very difficult to reach the level of quality required by 400 million users because they have been using durable and well-constructed gadgets for four to five years and they do not receive any assistance following purchasing” Chaurasia said. .

Manish Khatri who is the owner of Mumbai’s Mahesh Telecom, has said “there isn’t a demand” for the device.

“We are unable to know with certainty the procedure that the device will use to activate since it’s not able to get any email messages at the moment. They haven’t given any steps to deactivate the device in case users aren’t able to receive their email “Khatri said.

A third executive from the retail industry, speaking on conditions of anonymity, informed ET that retailers can get a profit of 3-4 percent from the cost that the phone’s JioPhone Next will cost opposed to 8-12 percent for the various versions. . “The costs related to managing the business are extremely expensive and a margin less is not the ideal choice,” the executive said.

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