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CITY OF PLUS-HEAD – The Carteret County Board of Education will consider purchasing 3,500 Dell Chromebooks at a special meeting at 9 a.m. Monday in the media center at Morehead City Elementary School.

If the board approves the $ 1.3 million purchase of devices from Trafera, the funds will come from the Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Stabilization, or ESSERS, funds recently allocated to the school system.

The issue is one of several that will be addressed at the special meeting.

The board is about to adopt a final 2020-2021 budget revision to close the fiscal year. Members are also expected to adopt a rolling budget resolution for 2021-22 to continue operations as the General Assembly has not yet approved a budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The new fiscal year begins on Thursday July 1.

In addition, board members must take action on several other items contained in their consent agendas. The purchase of Chromebooks is included in the consent schedule.

School officials plan to replace 3,500 near-life expectancy devices this summer. 4,500 additional devices will be purchased during the summer of 2022 to replace other obsolete Chromebooks. The total cost of the two-year replacement plan is $ 3 million, money coming from ESSERS relief funds.

In addition, an additional $ 1 million in ESSERS money will be spent in the summer of 2022 to purchase 1,000 devices for staff.

At a recent board meeting, Superintendent Dr Rob Jackson said this was the last year of a five-year Chromebook rental contract that county commissioners had funded to provide a device to every student in a public school. With a typical Chromebook life expectancy of around five years, Dr. Jackson recommended the ESSERS spending plan, which the school board approved.

He stressed that by purchasing replacement devices, it would alleviate the need to contact county commissioners for funding.

Other points to consider in the consent agenda are:

  • Consider endorsing the State Board of Education’s School Mental Health Policy and Initiative for the county school system. The policy will take effect July 1.
  • Consider awarding a $ 409,510 contract to North Carolina Sound to install new intercom systems in 16 schools. The funds for this project will come from part of a $ 42 million school bond referendum approved by voters in November 2020.
  • Consider awarding a $ 414,800 contract to Hudson Painting for interior and exterior painting at Croatan High School. Award of the contract will depend on capital funding from County Commissioners.
  • Consider awarding a $ 95,654 contract to Eastman’s Carpets and Flooring Inc. for the flooring of the enrichment room at Newport Middle School. Award of the contract will depend on capital funding from County Commissioners.
  • Consider awarding a $ 85,251 contract to J&J Floor Specialists to install a gymnasium floor at Atlantic Elementary School. This will depend on the capital funding of the county commissioners.
  • Consider approving an infant nutrition supply plan, which outlines policies for purchasing items for the infant nutrition program.
  • Receive the first reading of revisions to Board Policy 2300 regarding Board Meetings.

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