Buyer’s Guide to the 10 Best Netbooks

A year ago, there was still a lot of buzz around netbooks. Those tiny little machines were still the new kids in the neighborhood who had brutally crushed the ultra-portable laptop party. In doing so, they had given everyone the opportunity to put a computer in their bag, without making a hole in their wallet.

However, netbooks became so well established that the backlash began in earnest. For example, a survey in June found that only 58 percent of netbook users were happy with their purchase.

In reality, it’s mainly because customers didn’t quite get the message which was clear from the start, netbooks are best for consumption and if you need to regularly create content on the go, you want a laptop. .

As long as you know what you are buying and are in control of how you use it, the combination of portability and the power of a netbook remains a very attractive proposition.

Since we last looked at netbooks there have been some interesting developments, Linux is all but gone, Windows 7 has taken over from XP on brand new machines, and you can get a dual boot Android machine. Meanwhile, high-end models aimed at well-heeled executives have appeared.

Here are the 10 best netbooks that we think you should consider.

Samsung NC20 300 excl.VAT

If you like the idea of ​​a netbook but are concerned about ergonomic compromises, the Samsung NC20 is for you. It offers a full 12.1-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution – higher than many low-end full-featured laptops, and its screen is bright and clear and a real pleasure to work with.

The Via processor seems like a left-field choice, but the 1.3 GHz + U2250 processor is actually seen as a better processor than Intel’s rival chip thanks to automatic speed boosting, helping Windows XP on its way. .

There’s plenty of room on the superbly comfortable keyboard, and the trackpad and mouse buttons are good too. The specification list, with webcam, three USB ports, VGA and Fast Ethernet and SD card are all standard rates.

The main downside is that the 1.52kg weight is relatively stout for a netbook, but compared to most full-size laptops you still travel light and the six-cell battery should get you through six hours not too bad. , which makes it a better choice.

Samsung n110 304 excl.VAT

samsung n110

The N110 is Samsung’s update to the well-received N10 and this model offers a 10.1-inch screen and weighs just 1.25g. It uses a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and should give you at least seven hours of Wi-Fi connected use, helped by an improved battery over its predecessor.

Video performance is boosted by the presence of the Intel 950 chipset. As always, Windows XP and 1 GB of RAM are in place, as is a 160 GB hard drive – although it is conventional rather than SSD.

The keyboard has a slightly plastic feel, but it’s better than a lot and with a smart look, no missteps on the base specs and a good solid build, it’s still the full-size netbook to beat.

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