BluDive Technologies to Revolutionize IT Solution Delivery in Nigeria with IBM Offerings

BluDive Technologies Limited (BluDive), an enterprise computing solutions company, has announced its latest storage and server systems offerings – IBM FlashSystem and IBM Power10. The company also announced an IBM Power10 virtual event to help IT professionals and industry stakeholders position themselves for efficiency and cost control through technology.

The event will also showcase the latest generation of IBM power systems to business partners, customers, detailing the value proposition of IBM Power servers and the IBM Power E1080, the first high-end commercial server built with Power10 design and processor.
The goal, according to Abdul-Azeez Musa, director and chief technology officer, BluDive, is to “make storage simple for everyone.”
“We want businesses to be challenged to deliver more on less budget, optimizing their IT infrastructure to drive growth without sacrificing the performance, quality or security of their IT services. “

IBM Power10 is designed to improve performance and security with the same industry-leading reliability, whether it’s responding faster to business demands, protecting data with persistent security, or streamlining information and technology. ‘automating.

More than ever, businesses depend on cyber resiliency and efficient scaling of core applications to ensure business continuity. IBM Power servers will help modernize critical workloads that run on AIX, IBM i, and Linux with enhanced hybrid cloud capabilities for a frictionless experience.
IBM FlashSystem will provide customers with a platform capable of meeting the requirements of a wide variety of workloads. This storage system will also increase storage profitability by 43% by using AI-infused predictive analytics and health monitoring capabilities to optimize storage.

At the same time, the latest generation of IBM Power servers, built with the Power10 design and processor, help businesses protect the flow of sensitive data from cyber threats, efficiently scale operations, and gain near real-time insight. from operational data around the world. changing market.

With the integration of new technologies, the approach to storage is key to monitoring business results, as business owners can now determine which flash storage solution works best with the infrastructure they have and matches their strategy. and their hybrid cloud budget now and in the future.

The solutions are designed with IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Thus, it supports the storage you already own so that these benefits can enhance your existing environment with minimal disruption and minimal cost. Plus, when the time comes to replace today’s storage, you can seamlessly migrate from your old storage to IBM FlashSystem.
Designed for all businesses, IBM FlashSystem and IBM Power10 solutions are designed with unprecedented levels of efficiency with up to 2.3PB of data in a single rack unit.

It also offers improved scalability and data reduction for public cloud, hybrid cloud deployments, and lower critical costs. Storage-class memory (SCM) and IBM FlashCore technology deliver the performance needed for demanding workloads – as low as 70 microseconds. They also feature an easy AI-based tier that ensures data is effortlessly positioned on the right storage for the right workload, optimizing cost and performance.

All of these features of IBM Power10 Server and IBM Storage FlashSystem are designed to deliver industry-leading performance, cost-effectiveness, and enterprise-class hybrid cloud storage for customers of all sizes, leveraging the density of unique FlashCore modules. to IBM, storage class. Memory, end-to-end NVMe, and tight integration with Red Hat OpenShift.

BluDive Technologies Limited is an ICT solutions company that provides strategic outsourcing / managed services and technical support services utilizing bespoke technology across a wide range of products that enable businesses to efficiently optimize their operational and business capabilities. ” increase the availability of the system.
BluDive offers bespoke technologies across a wide range of products including Enterprise System Modernization, Virtualization / Cloud System, IT Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery, and DevOps.

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