Biden Takes New Step to End Trump-Era Chinese Social Media Application Ban • The Register

The Biden administration has tried to overturn the Trump administration’s bans on Chinese social media apps.

Citing national security concerns, the Trump administration has sought to ban Chinese-owned video apps, including ByteDance’s TikTok and Tencent’s WeChat. The court rulings overturned the bans and the Trump administration has appealed.

Last month, the White House revoked Trump-era executive orders banning social media apps, but court cases are still pending.

Now, the Biden administration has asked two federal appeals courts to dismiss appeals made by the Trump administration.

All parties seem to agree that dismissing the appeals is a good idea, with the Justice Department calling the appeal “moot” in light of the revocation of the decree. The Department therefore asked the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and the Third Circuit to dismiss the appeal.

As the Biden administration rolled back the bans, it sought to expand another Trump-era executive order called Securing the supply chain of information and communications technologies and services, a supply chain security initiative that requires technology to go through evidence-based verification.

This expansion reflects concerns from U.S. policymakers that Chinese apps could give the Middle Kingdom access to large amounts of personal data of U.S. citizens.

China is also concerned that the United States is gaining power through data.

the the Wall Street newspaper On Monday reported that ByteDance’s planned overseas IPO was indefinitely delayed, with the main cause being concerns from Beijing that the tech company posed data risks.

the Newspaper reported that ByteDance met with Chinese cyberspace and securities regulators to discuss concerns around March, when company founder Zhang Yiming decided to block a public offering in the United States or Hong Kong.

Chinese running app Didi Chuxing ignored the same warnings and saw his app launched from Chinese app stores five days after an IPO in the United States, causing the price to drop sharply. during its action.

Last week, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced that it would continue to review apps whose developers have recently floated in the United States, and yesterday revealed a mandatory security audit for companies with more than one million registered users who plan to register abroad. ®

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