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March wasn’t a lucky month for Julius Caesar, but it’s a good time to save money on tech and gadgets. In fact, you could say that if Marcus Junius Brutus had purchased the entire 8 season collection of Game of Thrones at 73% off the normal price (like you can do right now), he would have been too distracted to keep up with the existential threat. posed. by the Night King to participate in the Senate assassination plot. But that’s far from the only deal I have for you this week; in fact, I have a dozen full bakers, plus a warning about an electric kickscooter you can enter to win for free.

In this roundup of the best tech deals available this weekend, you’ll also find discounts on a massive 75-inch 4K TV, a deeply discounted gaming PC from Alienware, and a few vacuums, including the Big Vacuum. -Tineco A10 cordless broom (I own this model and I love it). As always, my standard disclaimer applies: all of these deals are “while supplies last”, because while these prices should be good at least over the weekend, any of these may sell out and offers may expire at any time.

The best tech deals to buy this weekend

Save 35% on a Dyson alternative

The Proscenic P10 Pro cordless stick vacuum is a great alternative to the much more expensive Dyson; it has a powerful 25,000 PA motor, easily converts to a portable dust collector and can run for up to 25 minutes per charge. Need to clean a particularly large house? It can quickly recharge in 2.5 hours from empty. Right now, the P10 Pro is $63 off when you click the coupon on the product page.

Get a Lenovo Chromebook for 48% off

This Chromebook 3 usually sells for $289, but right now you can get it for $149, which is almost half that. It is powered by a Mediatek MT8183 processor with 64GB of storage. It’s not going to run Photoshop, but keep in mind this is a Chromebook, which means it’s fast enough for almost any web application. It’s a great kid’s laptop for school or basic video streaming.

Get the entire Game Of Thrones series for $100, that’s $264 off

If you’re willing to skip the sad final season, Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of all time. (Include the last season, and it’s probably somewhere in the top 500.) Want to own the entire eight-season series? Right now, Vudu is making it convenient to buy at all, dropping the usual price from $364 to just $100. Collect it while you can.

win a free Segway F30 electric scooter

Motorized scooters are great for commuting, getting around town, or just playing, and we want you to have fun. Forbes Vetted has teamed up with Wellbots to give away a Segway F30 Kickscooter (worth around $580) to one lucky winner. This electric scooter features an extended range of 18.6 miles, a top speed of 15.5 mph and a Bluetooth lock to protect your scooter. It unlocks easily through your phone. Want a chance to win? Fair enter the gift.

This computer monitor light solves a big problem and it’s 33% off

If you need a light on your desk but can’t make room for a lamp, the Xiaomi Mijia Computer Monitor Light is your knight in shining armor – it hangs atop your monitor (a much like a webcam) and illuminates your workspace without shining on the computer screen. It comes with a remote control and is powered by any ordinary USB port. Best of all, it’s 33% off right now, priced at just $58.

This massive 75-inch 4K TV is now $1,000

This 75-inch Hisense fills its huge screen with HDR color and 4K resolution and creates a pretty impressive impression with a cinema-sized frame. It also supports Dolby Atmos 3D audio surround sound, has four HDMI USB ports and includes the Android TV operating system to stream all your online services. Right now it’s $250 off, reaching $1,000. Even for Hisense, which frequently puts its TVs on sale, it’s a very good price.

Subscribe to Paramount Plus for $1 per month

have a desire to Discovery of Star Trek, seal team Where A Quiet Place Part II? Then you’ll need to subscribe to Paramount Plus, which typically costs $5 per month for the Essential plan or $10 per month for Premium. But for now, if you’re new to Paramount’s streaming service, you can get the Essential service for $1 a month for the first 3 months (saving $12) or Premium for $2 a month for three months (saving $24). Of course, after the first three months, you’ll have to either cancel or pay full price.

Save $600 on an Alienware Jet-Powered Gaming PC

Alienware PCs are practically synonymous with gaming and are generally a bit overpriced – you’re paying as much for the name as you’re paying for the performance. That’s why this $600 discount is so sweet; this makes this Aurora R12 affordable. It packs some great components, including an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 and a 1TB SSD for storage. Plus, you can’t beat the gorgeous styling of the R12 case.

This 24-inch HD smart TV is just $150

A 24-inch TV is quite small by today’s standards and certainly won’t fill your living room. But it’s a great option for the bedroom or even the kitchen. This Vizio model has Chromecast and Apple AirPlay built-in, meaning you can view content from other devices and watch any streaming channel on it. Right now it’s on sale for $20 less than anywhere else (including Amazon) at Daily Steals.

Get a self-draining vacuum for $100 off

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a self-emptying vacuum; Roombas tend to be a bit overpriced, and many other brands make roughly equivalent vacuums. The Dreametech Z20 Pro has 4000Pa of suction power, is Wi-Fi connected for remote operation via Alexa or your phone, and can last around two months before you have to empty the bag in the dock. It usually costs $599, but you can get it for $499 right now when you apply the coupon.

Save $50 on the exceptional Bose 700 headphones

Bose makes some of the best active noise-canceling headphones money can buy, and the Bose Headphones 700 are best in class, with superb sound quality and industry-leading noise cancellation (this headphone got the highest overall rating in our roundup of the best noise canceling headphones). Right now, you can nab them for $329, the second-lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Get a Tineco A10 Cordless Stick Vacuum for $50 off

Tineco’s A10 cordless stick vacuum is well-reviewed and competes well with similar models from other brands that are twice as expensive. I actually own this vacuum and it has always worked well for me – it has a 300 watt motor and can run for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. It also converts quickly and easily into a dust-proof hand vacuum. Right now, you can get it for $50 off, which puts it at just under $100.

Save $30 on a portable jump starter you’ll never have to recharge

Autowit SuperCap 2 Portable jump starter without battery 12 V

The problem with jump starters is that by the time you actually need them, their batteries are also dead, so you end up calling roadside assistance anyway. That’s why a capacitor jump starter like this highly rated Autowit SuperCap 2 is so compelling. It recharges quickly using residual power from your car’s battery – 99% of the time your battery isn’t. completely emptied, then start your car. Save $30 on the SuerCap 2 right now when you click the coupon on the product page.

Or save 20% on a traditional starter

If you need a portable starter but are wary of the capacitor type model above, I hear you. It’s a relatively new technology, and if your car battery is truly 100% drained, it can’t help you. That’s where a traditional jump starter comes in. This model from Topdon has a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery and can deliver two dozen jumps on a single charge. It works with any car or truck up to 6.5 liters on gasoline vehicles or 4 liter diesel engines. Right now, save 20% when you click the coupon on the product page.

What do you think of these offers? Want to tell me about something I missed? You can always reach me on Twitter at @davejoh.

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