Best Geek Prank Sites to Fool Your Friends

Pranking is the spice of life, as long as it’s not too embarrassing or harmful, pranking can be a treasure trove of memories for both prankster and victim. Like the time a co-worker finds their alphabetical QWERTY keyboard, or their Windows 3.11 boot screen showing something inappropriate. These are just a few of the many geeky pranks to play on the unsuspecting. Much more can be found in these Top Geeky Prank sites to fool your friends.

So, get ready to have some fun, but get ready to read a bit because many pranks require a bit of knowledge to pull off. These Top Geeky Prank sites to fool your friends may require some stealth and skill comparable to someone fiddling with someone else’s config file or windows registry to change the wallpaper to something funny ; or maybe they won’t, like these top sites.


Unlike the previously mentioned examples, PRANX stuffings are not as elaborate. All it takes is for the victim to be distracted, or better yet, away from their station while it’s unlocked. Despite all the notices and measures posted by companies, employees place great trust in their colleagues. That is until they fall victim to the pranks of this site and the rest.

And so, all the prankster has to do is wait for the station to be unattended, go to the PRANX website, click on one of the animations on the site, press F11 to put the full-screen browser and watch the sparks fly from the sidelines. To get out of the prank, just press F11 again to show everything is just a browser app. Other pranks are more elaborate and interactive, such as a fake website and fake BIOS screen.

On the side, PRANX itself will prank the prankster if he takes too long to decide on a prank by sending bugs (animated insects) to the screen which can be crushed by the mouse cursor. Something to have fun while plotting against someone although the sound will have to be muted as PRANX will also make some unsavory sounds.

2) Hacker Typer

Being a hacker is frowned upon in many corporate setups, mostly by superiors, though co-workers marvel at the talents of the confused victim. To get the most out of this prank, it is essential to time the prank when the victim returns to the station with many others. Hacker Typer is quite smart and fun. It simulates what is mostly shown on TV and movies. A black screen with random green or orange text that looks like code.

As in PRANX, all the prankster has to do is browse the website, press F11, and watch the startled and confused user type and mouse over the screen, forming a ‘structured’ code ” but absurd while fearing that he could be accused of hacking. Only the F11 or the computer’s reset or power key will get the victim out of the prank. The prankster can also change the “typing speed” and text color.

3) GeekPrank

And finally, we have Geek Prank. It is a collection of browser joke animations similar to PRANX and even shares some animations with it. But what it is mostly is that casual users think their operating system has been replaced by Windows XP. The prankster can simply wait until the computer is unattended, go to the site, and press F11 to go full screen. The prankster can also choose from one of the other pranks immediately presented or leave the victim to their devices and try to figure things out. Most actions taken by the victim will result in a blue screen of death, BIOS screen, reset screen, or even a DOS screen. To exit the prank, just press F11 or Alt-Tab.

So here is. There are other prank sites out there, but these best geeky prank sites to trick your friends should make you start laughing or anger your friends. But you’ll be laughing inside anyway.


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