Bandwidth: PlayStation Plus launches new subscription service, GeForce Now gets Chromebook app

This week marks the introduction of PlayStation’s all-new subscription service set to compete with the global success of Xbox Game Pass. To add, Amazon Luna is finally adding the first set of game additions to its list of offers, along with free offers for Prime users.

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PlayStation Plus gets a makeover

PlayStation Plus has been around since 2010, but it wasn’t until recently that the service received a complete overhaul. This week, Sony announced that PlayStation Plus would be split into three new tiers for gamers, depending on their preferences.

The first tier is called PlayStation Plus Essential and starts at $9.99/month, offering some very basic options. Users get two downloadable games per month, game discounts, access to cloud storage for titles, and online multiplayer access. In general, if you own a PS4 or PS5, the first level is an absolute must.

For those looking for something a little more, the next tier – PlayStation Plus Extra – starts at $14.99/month and comes with a bit more. Users have access to “up to 400” PS4 and PS5 titles, which are downloadable to play.

Finally, at $17.99/month with PlayStation Plus Premium, users will get “up to 340” additional games – bringing your total to 740 games – including select PS3 titles and even earlier titles via cloud streaming. Additionally, general cloud streaming is unlocked for those who want to play on PS4, PS5, and PC. These users also get trials for certain games to try before purchase.

Amazon Luna releases its first batch of games

So far, subscribers to the Amazon Luna+ channel will get two new games to add to their playlist. The first is judgment lost, which puts you in the role of a “street sleuth” to investigate an exciting and tightly closed crime. Second, users will be able to play Okami HD in which users take on the role of Amaterasu, a sun goddess who is depicted as a legendary wolf. Unfortunately, Okami HD won’t be coming to Luna+ until April when judgment lost is available now.

Amazon Prime subscribers will receive select titles previously available on Luna+ and Retro channels in April:

  • Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition
  • Amnesia: Rebirth
  • Tracks
  • King of Fighters ’98

GeForce Now launches official Chromebook app and adds new games

Released on Thursday, the new GeForce Now Chromebook app downloadable from Google Play is NVIDIA’s official release for getting the best games on your favorite Chromebook. With GeForce Now downloaded natively to your Chromebook, you get 1440p, 120fps and HDR gaming – something that would otherwise be very difficult to do. In fact, we had the chance to try NVIDIA’s brand new Geforce Now app.

The latest version of GeForce Now is as smooth and fluid as it is on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and Windows or macOS computer, just in newly packaged form specifically for Chromebook and Chrome OS. Things are now a little more accessible for Google fans and Chrome OS gamers.

Along with this release, GFN has added a few more games to the massive list of those available through game streaming. All titles listed are available now:

With Amazon Luna finally starting to distribute new games and PlayStation Plus undergoing a somewhat confusing overhaul, it’s been a pretty busy week in cloud gaming. GeForce Now has new titles coming every week that we’ll add to our breakdown when they’re released.

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