At $79, this Lenovo Chromebook is a steal back to school

In fact, for under $100, you can probably find any reason to grab this laptop.

Do you or your kids need a new laptop to take to school? Nothing too fancy or heavy, just something that works? Pull out a Benjamin, spend it on that Chromebook deal, and be done with it. You might have enough left over for a latte or three.

This 11.6″ Chromebook from Lenovo runs on an Intel Celeron N4020 processor with 4GB of RAM. Chrome OS will perform well with these specs, and you’ll get software updates through mid-2027 for maximum protection. This machine also has 64GB of storage, however you can pop in a microSD card you probably have somewhere for more space.It’s rated to last 10 hours, so you can flip between your Wolfram Alpha pages with YouTube memes for a while. good, long time. Don’t forget to plug in your headphones… or any USB drives you’re lying around too — this laptop has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports just for them.


The way it usually goes for these low-end, low-maintenance machines is that they start life in the $200 range and then spend much of their good life in the $100s. It’s not too, too often that we get a Chromebook from a fairly reputable OEM dropping below triple digits, but for at least this weekend it’s happening at Best Buy. You can grab this laptop for just $79 – $60 off current MSRP and $37 off what Amazon charges for the same product.

Even if you see different purposes for the computer you want in school, you’ll do yourself some good by adding it to your computer list for a little tinkering.

Grab this Lenovo Chromebook for $79 this weekend

See at Best Buy.

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