Amazon Games Partners with Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable, and Battlefield Vets for New IP

Amazon’s attempt to enter the gaming industry has been a bit turbulent, to say the least, but they are sticking to their guns and expanding their third-party publishing efforts. Today, Amazon Games announced that it will release a new IP address for UK independent studio Glowmade. Although Glowmade is small, its 25 employees have impressive resumes, as the team includes veterans who have worked on Battlefield, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable, and Little Big Planet. Glowmade previously announced the RustHeart game, which will be released through the EA Originals program.

We don’t know much about Glowmade’s new project yet, but it is described as a “creative online co-op experience”. Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann said the following about the new publishing deal …

Amazon Games hires former Ubisoft manager for its new studio in Montreal; Several unannounced games in preparation

Amazon Games is dedicated to finding and releasing the best games, whether they come from AAA studios or passionate independent teams. Glowmade is a team of seasoned developers with the creativity and experience to create games players will love. We are thrilled with the opportunity to work closely with this talented studio to provide our players with the best gaming experiences.

Meanwhile, Glowmade studio director Jonny Hopper is understandably excited to get support from Amazon Games.

The Glowmade team have worked incredibly hard on our exciting new intellectual property, and Amazon Games has been a great partner. The commitment of the Amazon Games team to helping us realize our creative vision has been incredible. We can’t wait to show the world what we do.

Amazon Games’ MMORPG New World will finally launch next week – its first major launch after numerous game cancellations. They will also release the popular Korean MMO Lost Ark in North America in early 2022.

No release date has been announced for Glowmade’s game. Looks like it’s pretty early in development, so don’t expect a release date for a while.

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