Alpha versions of PHP 8.1 start with Enums, Fsync, Fibers, more performance

Alpha releases of PHP 8.1 began in June in preparation for the next annual release of PHP scripting language features.

PHP 8.1 is another big release after the evolution of PHP 8.0 from last year. Some of the changes that have been worked on in recent months for PHP 8.1 include:

– The enumerations (enumerations) for PHP are finally in place.

– PHP 8.1 supports an fsync () function to ensure that the operating system has written data / metadata changes to the underlying storage. Likewise, an fsyncdata () function ensures that the data, but not necessarily the metadata, has been synchronized.

– Fiber support to improve asynchronous support in PHP. PHP fibers now allow PHP functions to be interruptible without polluting the call stack and to support transparent and non-blocking I / O implementations of existing interfaces.

– Transition of more PHP resources into objects.

– PHP-FPM now supports process renaming on macOS.

– Support for MurmurHash V3 and xxHash with the PHP hash interface.

– PHP Sodium now supports XChaCha20 stream encryption functions and Ristretto255 functions.

– PHP’s OPcache now has an inheritance cache.

– Continuous performance optimizations.

Last week marked the release of PHP 8.1 Alpha 2 shortly after Alpha 1 as their RSS feed was down to spot new versions faster. Those who wish to help test alpha versions of PHP 8.1 can find them at

PHP 8.1 Alpha 3 is expected next week, followed by a feature freeze later in July. After this freeze, three betas will take us through mid-August while the many release candidates will kick off in early September. PHP 8.1 is scheduled for late November.

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