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Acer has announced that it will be offering an Aspire One netbook that will boot into Android or Windows 7.

Speaking at a global press conference today in London, Acer Senior Vice President Jim Wong said Android would allow the machine to boot in 18 seconds cold and take just three seconds to turn off. He said it would give users faster access to the internet and the data they need.

“People can turn it on, get whatever information they want and turn it off,” he said.

The dual-boot laptop will be available from Oct. 22 and will cost no more than the current model, which will continue to be available, according to Acer.

Wong said there was a possibility that Acer might choose to release an Android-only netbook in the future depending on market reaction.

“If users never turn on Windows and it meets users’ needs, it could happen,” Wong said.

Back to Linux

Wong explained why Acer turned away from Linux, after launching its first netbook as a Linux-only machine. “User demand was not there. Now we are introducing Android, based on Linux, which shows that we never give up,” he said.

Wong praised Android, saying it had the best connectivity built into the operating system. “We believe Linux solves connectivity issues.”

Wong also said that the Chrome-based devices will be released next year.

Netbook sales

In terms of sales, it was the top netbook, according to figures presented by Acer’s president, Gianfranco Lanci.

According to its figures, Acer conquered 36% of the market, beating Asus in second place with 18%. HP is in third position with 11 percent, and Samsung is in fourth position with ten percent.

The figures show that netbooks accounted for 20 percent of sales for all mobile computers. “There has been some cannibalization of the [laptop] market, ”Lanci admitted, predicting that the market share will increase to 25 percent by 2011.

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