Acer ranks # 3 in second quarter Chromebook sales: IDC

Acer Inc (宏 碁) was the world’s third-largest supplier of Chromebooks in the second quarter, market intelligence consultancy International Data Corp (IDC) said on July 30.

From April to June, Acer shipped 1.9 million Chromebooks, up 21.7% from the previous year, capturing a 15.3% share of the global market.

The second quarter was a good time for Chromebook vendors around the world, as overall revenue grew 68.6% year-over-year thanks to a booming home economy, which increased shipments of ‘technological devices for educational use, IDC said.

During the three-month period, 12.3 million Chromebooks were shipped, he said.

HP Inc ranked No. 1 after shipping 4.3 million units, up 115.7% year-over-year, to take a 35% share of the global market.

Lenovo Group Ltd (聯想) was ranked second after shipping 2.6 million units, up 81.2% from a year earlier, to capture a 21% share of the global market.

In fourth place, Dell Inc shipped 1.8 million Chromebooks, up 23.9% from a year earlier, ahead of Samsung Electronics Co, which shipped 900,000 units, up 179.2% compared to the previous year, which gives it a 7% share of the world market.

Second-quarter tablet shipments increased 4.2 percent from a year earlier to 40.5 million units, IDC said.

Apple Inc was the largest supplier of tablets with 12.9 million units shipped, giving it a 31.9% market share, followed by Samsung with 8 million units shipped and a market share of 19. , 6%.

Lenovo shipped 4.7 million tablets and had an 11.6% market share, Inc shipped 4.3 million units and had a 10.7% market share, and Huawei Technologies Inc (華為) delivered 2.1 million units and held a market share of 5.1%.

“Despite the positive results during the quarter, both categories are experiencing some slowdown from the boom in previous quarters,” IDC said in a statement.

“While Chromebooks are still in high demand and even late for many educational offerings, vendors have started to prioritize higher margin Windows laptops due to continued component shortages,” the statement said.

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