8 of the best game maker apps for beginners

Game Maker Studio 2 is the most advanced piece of software on our list, and can intimidate all newcomers. However, it is by far the easiest pro-level game engine to learn, and was used by many independent developers to create games like Hyper Light Drifter, Momodora, Katana Zero, and more.

The key to Game Maker Studio 2The accessibility of s lies in its streamlined object-based scripts. Instead of coding your games from scratch, the built-in editor lets you program character behaviors and game systems with simple drop-down menus based on Game creation studiounique scripting language. There are tons of tutorials available that teach you the basics of the engine, as well as sample projects to get you started and community-created assets that you can use if you’re not up to the task yet make your own.

The only downside is that the skills you learn to play games with Game Maker Studio 2 won’t necessarily translate to other engines like Godot, Unity, and Unreal, as these use common coding languages ​​like C #, that allow more complexity. However, since Game Maker Studio 2 supports 2D and 3D games, you can easily make all your games by Game Maker Studio 2 for as long as it meets your needs.

Game creation studio is free to download and use, but you will need to pay to unlock some features and to publish your games. You can buy a one-year license for $ 39 which allows you to publish on Windows and Mac, or a permanent license for $ 99 which adds support for publishing for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Ubuntu, HTML devices. 5 and Universal Windows Program. Game Maker Studio 2 Also has publishing tools for PS4 / PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S, but each requires a license which costs a whopping $ 700 a year—or you can bundle them for $ 1,500 per year. It’s pretty steep, although comparable to the console publishing costs you’ll see with other professional level software.

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