31 free online lessons you can start in November to discover a whole new talent without having to pay the rest

As we are used to every month, at Genbeta we have now once again put together an intensive checklist of free online lessons taught by one of the leading and most prestigious educational institutions on the planet. If you want to have being told a thing associated with laptop science and you don’t know where to start, you have come to an excellent position.

Below are 31 lessons on many online training platforms where you just want to create an account to join the lessons and access the material for you to discover. These are lessons you can start now or throughout the rest of November, and normally entirely at your own pace. All courses are in Spanish.

EssentialAll lessons are detached from their simplest form or are also open to auditing. Typically, you just need to log into an account on the relevant platform to access the sources, and then again, if you want to get certifications and opinions, you usually want top notch paid accounts.


  • Construction of cloud products and services with HTML5, Javascript and node.js (second version: a course on the Polytechnic of Madrid through which you will discover JavaScript and the design of internet server packages the use of node.js, specific. js and HTML5 The route further includes the deployment of cloud server products and services and introduces basic device engineering methods.
  • SQL implemented in information science: an IBM route by which you will learn to use and observe the robust SQL language to be more in touch and to extract information from databases, a must for someone who works in the field of knowledge science.
  • Android: Advent to Programming: a course on the Polytechnic of Valence through which you will learn how to extend an instance of software, “My Favorite Puts”, to tell about the atmosphere of the Android building and its components.
  • Advent in building online games with Harmony: a course at the Polytechnic College of Valencia through which you will learn to expand multiplatform video games using some of the standard equipment on the market, the Harmony sports engine.

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  • Avent to Tool Engineering: a route through the Self-Sufficient College of Madrid through which you will be informed of the other levels of construction through which a computer challenge takes place, in addition to the control actions essential to successfully complete the glory stroke of the challenge.
  • UML structural diagrams for tool engineering: a course on the Polytechnic College of Valence through which you will be informed about the “Unified Modeling Language” (UML, in English “Unified Modeling Language”), a common language which allows to address the inconvenience of modeling the device in all respects its ranges from a complete point of view than the usual as complete supplies.
  • Advent to R: an itinerary of the Anáhuac university community through which we will tell you R, some of the most widely used languages ​​in information research, information science and synthetic intelligence. The course will give you the basics of R programming in a realistic way.
  • Python: study to program: a course at the Polytechnic College of Valence through which you will learn to program with Python from scratch. It starts with understanding variables, loops and goals and processes textual content recording data.
  • Avent to Internet software building: a Self-Sufficient Madrid College itinerary where you will learn how to expand Internet software from scratch with other applied sciences comparable to HTML, CSS, Python, JSON, JavaScript and Ajax.
  • Elementary COBOL Course: A complete course on YouTube for someone who wants to get started on this planet of the COBOL programming language.

Cyber ​​security

  • Advent towards cybersecurity: a route through the Universidad del Rosario through which you will upload the information requested by the company in different crucial spaces of cybersecurity: security in the construction of devices, cryptography, moral hacking and laptop computer forensics.

  • Complicated Analysis and Cybersecurity: A route through Galileo College where you will discover how complicated analysis, by other means, enables the advent of predictive, prescriptive and automated modes to strengthen control of power ownership in {an electrical system} gadget.

  • Web of Issues (IoT) Basics: Safety I: a Galileo College itinerary where you will be explained the importance of security in IoT units, their maximum common vulnerabilities and threats, in addition to the modes of protection to mitigate them.
  • Cybersecurity Basics: a realistic path: a route from the Carlos III College of Madrid and the IDB by which you will learn to assume like a hacker but to act like an expert in cybersecurity.

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  • Cybersecurity Bases and Buildings for Knowledge Security: An Anáhuac College Community route through which you will learn how to defend your data and that of your company against threats from laptops and you will learn the basics of the cybersecurity industry.
  • Cybersecurity Perceive attacks to deploy countermeasures: an itinerary on Rey Juan Carlos College through which you will obtain a first global, in-depth, current, sensible and relaxing cybersecurity strategy.
  • Cyber ​​Security Equipment and Vigilance Strategies: An Anáhuac College Community Route through which you will learn about new equipment and excellent practices for controlling cybersecurity methods that provide protection to your business information.
  • Online Cybersecurity – A free route on Udemy where you’ll be shown security rules, access to monitor, community security, malware, cryptography, laptop forensics, vulnerability control, hardening and continuity of exchanges.
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy 101: A Self-Guided Udemy Route That Explains Cybersecurity Fundamentals, How To Stay Safe On The Web, And How To Take The Most Care Of Your Privacy.
  • Termux: Moral Hacking and Pentesting Outside Your Cell: A free route on Udemy where you will discover ways to use Termux to use other laptop security equipment, observe pentesting, perform security audits, and many others.
  • Kali Linux. Instrument setup, instructions and application: an open route on Udemy through which you will be informed about the quintessential security software, Kali Linux, with its suite of equipment without spending a dime.

Synthetic intelligence

  • Easy methods to report on the use of artificial intelligence in the public sector? : an itinerary of the Inter-American Financial Institution of the Building by which you will be explained the ideas, the rules, the demanding situations and the alternatives of the moral and the responsibility use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the general public sector.
  • Imaginative and premonitory advent to laptop: software creation with OpenCV: a route through Carlos III College in Madrid through which we will explain the fundamental ideas of the imaginative and premonitory laptop computer, as well as almost imposing symbol search algorithms through computer systems the use of OpenCV serves as a library.
  • Synthetic Intelligence for Everyone: Get the Basics – An IBM route through which you will be told what synthetic intelligence (AI) is by learning about its key packages and ideas, as well as device study, in-depth study and neural networks.
  • Advent towards synthetic intelligence: an itinerary of the university community of Anahuac by which you will discover the theoretical foundations of AI with its main branches comparable to the study of devices, to in-depth study, to robotics , language processing and professional techniques.
  • Avent to Synthetic Intelligence: Primary Algorithms – A Galileo College route through which you will experience how the dummy intelligence algorithms that create chatbos, autonomous vehicles, vocal reputation and additional paintings, paintings.

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  • Synthetic Intelligence: Chatbots Without Programming – An IBM route through which you will discover ways to build, analyze, implement and monetize chatbots, with the help of IBM Watson and AI.
  • The Rise of Synthetic Intelligence from Watson – An IBM Journey through which you will discover ways to temporarily and simply get started with synthetic intelligence using IBM Watson.
  • AI Programs with Watson – An IBM route through which you’ll discover ways to use and program ancillary equipment and products and services comparable to Tone Analyzer and Non-public Insights to build queries and extract data from large repositories of information.
  • Empower Your Craft With Synthetic Intelligence: An Anahuac University Community Route Through Which You Will Be Informed About Equipment That Will Help You Reap Some Great Advantages Of The Era Through Sense, Pleasant-To-Use Instances In what you are promoting. You will acquire the technical wisdom that lets you know how well synthetic intelligence methods present paintings to assemble and research information in real time.
  • Have an effect on Synthetic Intelligence on Commercial Innovation: an itinerary of the Anahuac College Community through which you will be informed of the elements necessary to discover an exponential profession, of the importance of the context of the fourth company revolution, defining your business function hand in hand with Synthetic Intelligence.

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