13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake Chromebook spotted in development

As always, the development and progress of Chromebooks continues to move forward. We’re not even at the point yet where you can head to Best Buy and pick up a 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Chromebook and we’re talking 13th Gen devices in development here. Where once we were excited to see next-gen hardware inside Chromebooks, we’re now at the point where Intel’s latest and greatest SoCs are included in Chromebooks from the start.

We’ve already talked about 14th Gen Meteor Lake Chromebooks in the early stages of development, but as most of you have probably noticed, that’s skipped a full generation from where we are now. Rest assured, Intel’s 13th Gen chips are clearly in the works, they’re called Meteor Lake, and there’s already a benchmark device for Chromebook development to build on in “Skolas”.


So far, it’s the only Raptor Lake Chromebook we’ve come across, but it’s still exciting to know that work has already begun on the next generation of Intel-powered Chromebooks nearly a year from when we expected one of these to actually ship. Being in this kind of tight development cycle means that Chromebooks will continue to evolve alongside their Windows PC counterparts when it comes to bringing new features to the ecosystem.


It should be noted that Raptor Lake is expected to be Intel’s last SoC to take advantage of the existing Intel 7 10nm process we have in Alder Lake chips. With the upcoming 14th Gen Meteor Lake, the company is set to move to a more efficient 4nm process that will deliver even better speed and battery life. That doesn’t mean we won’t still see some nice performance and battery gains on Alder Lake when Raptor Lake launches, but that won’t be for a while.

Since Alder Lake Chromebooks are not yet available in the market, we must all watch this new emergence from Raptor Lake with patience. Alder Lake Chromebooks are going to be extremely fast from what we can already tell, and devices with this SoC on board are going to be a great set of Chromebooks here in 2022. Although we’re very excited to see the ball continue rolling, we’re still very encouraged by the Alder Lake-powered Chromebooks coming this calendar year, that’s for sure.

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