10 things you can do with your Chromebook camera

PC and laptop webcams were mostly used for video calling only in the past. There was no other significant use of these cameras. However, being the developer of a smartphone operating system where the camera has substantial value, Google has tried to integrate these camera features into its Chromebooks.

Chromebook cameras have a number of additional features that can boost your productivity by performing small, handy tasks. With these powerful features, you don’t need any third-party apps for various purposes such as QR scanning, document scanning, photo taking and more.

So, let’s explore the things you can do with your Chromebook camera.

1. Take pictures

Taking photos is a basic camera feature, and a Chromebook lets you take high-resolution photos. It provides an autofocus function that sharpens your images by focusing the camera lens on the subject.

You can use the gridlines feature, which you can turn on or off from the camera settings, to straighten your photos. Similarly, you can enable the photo mirroring feature which allows you to flip your photos.

When tablet mode is enabled on your device, you can quickly take photos using the volume up and volume down buttons. If your device has dual cameras, you can easily switch the front and rear camera using the switch option on the left. You can find more details on taking photos on Chromebooks here.


2. Video call

As mentioned above, video calling probably remains one of the primary purposes of desktop and wearable cameras. It has continuously improved over the years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when video calling saw a major boost. The competition among video calling apps has improved this feature a lot.

Google has its own video calling app, Google Meet, which lets you easily create an instant meeting, schedule meetings, chat during calls, share your desktop screen, and more.

You can also use other video calling apps like Google Duo, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. However, Meet has good integration features with Google apps and Chrome OS.

3. Host webinars

The modern world is moving towards hybrid, half-remote, half-office-based work environments. Webinars are events hosted online by an individual or company for professional and work-related purposes through an online website or installed software.

From your Chromebook, you can easily join or host webinars. Popular webinar apps like Cisco Webex allow you to install an extension on Chrome. From there, you can join or organize events.

You can pin these web apps to your home screen to start an online meeting anytime. You don’t need to install apps or configure them on your Chromebook.

4. Scan QR codes

A quick response code or QR code is an advanced barcode that stores information inside. The information can be text, a URL, Wi-Fi credentials or a payment link. However, you need a QR scanner app to scan these codes.

In Chromebook, a QR scanner is built into the camera app by default. This powerful QR scanner can scan most codes quite accurately.

You can easily access this feature from the built-in camera app. Just open the app and in the bottom row select the To analyse option. Now on the next screen select QR at the bottom. You can find more details on scanning and creating QR codes on Chromebooks here.

5. Scan documents

You can scan documents and share them with others in seconds on your Chromebook. There’s no need for a physical scanner anymore, and you don’t have to install any third-party document scanner apps either.

Go to the Camera app on your Chromebook and at the bottom select the icon To analyse option. This will open the scanner camera. Make sure the Document mode is selected from the bottom.

You can share your scanned documents via email or Bluetooth and save the scanned documents as an image or as a PDF file.

6. Record videos

You can also record videos through the Chromebook Camera app. You can instantly save birthday wishes, motivational messages or official announcements and send them to your loved ones and colleagues.

When you open the Camera app, Photo mode is selected by default. To record a video, select the Video bottom mode. Once you are ready to record the video, press the red button Registration button on the right side of the screen.

It will then start recording the video and display the recorded time. Once done, press the same button again to stop recording.

You can find your recorded videos in Gallery or click on the bottom right corner of the Camera app to view recently recorded videos.

7. Change camera angle

The Chromebook Camera lets you take your webcam experience to the next level. You can capture or record flexible surroundings through your camera as it allows you to zoom, pan and tilt your device’s camera to do so.

If your device’s internal camera does not support this feature, you may need an external webcam that supports pan and tilt. It’s a handy little feature that can come in really handy when recording video.

8. Take photos at a specific time

You can use the Timer feature to take photos at a specific time on Chromebook. This function allows you to set a timer for three or 10 seconds. Once selected, the camera will wait for this period and then take the photo after pressing the Capture button.

This feature is useful because it allows you to free your hands from your device, as you don’t have to hold the device while taking a photo. So if you need a quick prep or pose adjustment for a shot, you can use this timer.

9. Use an external camera

Your Chromebook supports the use of an external camera. An external camera with better specifications can help improve your photos and videos. With an external camera, you can take wide-angle photos, adjust the angle at which you want to record your video, and more.

Pan, tilt, and zoom are available for all major external cameras available for Chromebooks. You can actually zoom in to enlarge. Additionally, external camera settings are automatically synced with video calling apps.

10. Edit and print photos

There is no need to install any third-party apps to edit your photos. You can do basic photo editing on your Chromebook through the Gallery app. The editor lets you rename your photos, change dimensions, such as height and width, and also lets you crop photos.

If resizing goes wrong, don’t worry, you can always undo and redo your changes. Moreover, to change the lighting of images, you can apply several filters.

The app also allows you to print your photos on Chromebook. Just open the image and tap the three-dot menu icon at the top. Select the To print possibility to print your photo.

Use your Chromebook camera to the fullest

The Chromebook camera has a lot to offer that you might not expect from a traditional laptop’s webcam. These features are still not found in most other laptop cameras.

Your Chromebook lets you have a smartphone camera experience on your laptop to boost your productivity. Explore these features listed above on your device and make full use of them for a diverse Chromebook experience.


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