The more or less rapid nature of the loans must be assessed according to the type of need that aroused the need as well as the type of channel chosen to be able to obtain them quickly. Furthermore, the aspect of the applicant’s income “strength” must be considered, and if it is therefore possible to proceed with the request for financing without guarantees and without a paycheck

What do you mean?

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There is therefore no “standard” timeframe for classifying loans into fast, fast, very fast or immediate, also focusing on the period that elapses from the moment in which a formal request for financing is made and the one in which the money is effectively paid .

Having made this necessary clarification, a ‘quick’ normally means a loan that can be disbursed in a time ranging from a few hours to a few days. These are obviously variable times that can negatively impact for those who have the most urgent problems.

How to know the times in advance?

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Before requesting a quote from a bank or a financial company, you need to inquire about the average times that are usually needed to reach the conclusion of the evaluation phase: some companies declare on their official sites timings ranging from a few hours to a maximum of 24 hours. Obviously these are situations in which there are no particular problems or difficulties in approving and evaluating the practice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for quick loans, it is useless to turn to those companies that take on average long times. To make an initial selection it is also possible to consult the various forums where you can refer to the experiences of other users. Once you have identified the company that guarantees delivery times suitable for your needs, you must have some precautions to avoid unnecessary delays. To be precise, it is essential:

  • provide truthful information to the bank since the request for a quote, also communicating situations of delayed payments or errors that are known;
  • do not hide anything both in terms of assets and income;
  • deliver all the required documents as quickly as possible ;
  • provide only contacts to which you reply immediately without delay;
  • do not make requests for funding, at the same time to multiple companies, in the hope of being able to increase the possibility of obtaining a positive response.

In this way, there is a risk of failing due to “excess” debt. In fact, requests remain in the system for at least a month which considers the applicant’s repayment capacity as already committed, even if the loan has not yet been approved.

Quick loans are online: true or false?

Quick loans are online: true or false?

The speed with which you can access any online service may suggest that this feature also automatically involves loans. In practice, however, it is true only up to a certain point, as it only applies in the case of an easy-to-evaluate practice, for an income installment ratio that sees the denominator very high, and in the case of an optimal credit reputation. Otherwise there is the risk of entering a whirlwind of delays and continuous requests for justifications and documentation, further guarantees, etc., which ends up delaying the time of several weeks, without the certainty of arriving at a positive outcome.

Furthermore, in the “online” channel it can be used through very different ways. For example, there is a big difference between a loan requested through the specific internet banking function that some banks provide or an online loan request to a bank or specialized financial company with which there are no pre-existing relationships.

In the first case, in fact, the customer is already registered and recognized and there is knowledge of spending habits and reimbursement capacity. When you are not already a customer even if you have the possibility to use the digital signature, in all probability the evaluation phase could be longer, for the time necessary to collect all the necessary information.

Pre-assessed Loans

Pre-assessed Loans

Also in this perspective, pre-valued loans can be considered, which, rather than being “quick”, once approved, can be considered by law “immediate”. However, the evaluation times can be quite long, so you must always move in advance. An example of this is proposed by UnitedSavers Bank with its Credit Express Easy. This loan is dedicated exclusively to current account holders of GoodOne Bank with seniority of the relationship of at least 6 months. In the case of a positive outcome of the pre-assessment, it is possible to proceed with the request for the amount directly from the Mobile Banking App.

The case of Credit Boost proposed by MoreCare Bank to the holders of the Hype Plus account card is even simpler. In fact, the official Hype website says that the application procedure is reduced to three simple ‘steps’. In particular, it is sufficient:

  1. Enter the HYPE menu and click the appropriate Credit Boost section;
  2. Register to the service through the registration form waiting for the consequent verification of the data entered;
  3. Use the financing of the Biellese bank when needed (max 2000 dollars).

Are there quick loans for bad payers?

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The fact that the applicant is not considered a reliable person will lead the lender to want to proceed with more caution, therefore trying to make an extremely thorough assessment. So it is almost impossible to find quick loan forms for bad payers, with only three exceptions:

  1. the first is represented by the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension , especially when the company you work for is very solid in that you don’t have to make a real and its own investigation but only to ascertain that the subjective and objective requirements for its acceptance exist;
  2. the loan changed, as the assumption of merit assessment is always lacking, but it is only necessary to “negotiate” on the conditions, which is reduced to very short times;
  3. the pledge, an atypical form of loan very fast in the concession, which is without a paycheck and without guarantees.

Among other things, these three types of loan can be requested without particular restrictions even by those who have passed the status of protested.