Anyone must have experienced that the name needs money. Whether it’s a married person, a child, or a young person. Needing the money meant to meet your daily needs.

In addition, there are those who need money to set up businesses, pay for school fees, and even pay for medical expenses. Everyone has different needs and ways of managing their finances.

For those of you who are used to living extravagantly and recklessly, it may be difficult to balance your expenses with income.

Thus, there is an imbalance that leads to running out of money or even having no savings whatsoever. This makes you need a loan.

Here are types of loans for you that currently need money following their reviews.

Loan Options For Those Who Need Money

Loan Options For Those Who Need Money

Loans From Closer People

For those of you who may be in desperate need of money now, you can borrow from people close to you. For example to friends, family, and even friends at work.

You can lend money to people you trust, although not all of them will lend you money, some will lend it just as much as they can.

This is because everyone has different needs and expenses. So if you have mutual trust, you can pay off the loan costs under a non-written agreement.

Establish Precious Goods

Establish Precious Goods

If you are currently in need of money and you are not getting any loans from people nearby, then you can do a second way, which is to pay off the valuables.

The valuable items here are for example gold, motorcycles, electronics, and cars. In recent times it has become easier to do valuable mortgages.

You can deposit the valuables in PT. Pawnshop (Persero) for example. By bringing along your ID or other proof of identification and the valuables you want to deposit.

As a result, you have been able to recover some of the money from the mortgage once your loan application has been processed and approved. But you do it to the official party yes. In order not to lose it later.

No Loan or Mortgage Loan

Non-lending loans are more popularly known as Credit Unsecured. Many banks and non-banks compete to offer unsecured credit to reach more consumers.

They offer the many advantages that will be available to prospective customers as most of the community now wants the procedure and convenience that will come from lending them unsecured credit.

Loan Loan

Many banks and non-banks offer loans with these loans.

Once you have applied for the loan by showing the original evidence of the collateral, the loan application will be processed and approved. Well, once this is approved you can take home a certain amount of money as you wish.

Online Loans


For those of you who currently need money, you can try applying for a loan online. Today, many Financial Technology ( Fintech ) companies have grown.

Many of these Fintech companies are competing to obtain official and registered approvals from the Financial Services Authority. But many are welcome or bully companies.

The more sophisticated the technology progress in the current era, the high Internet penetration and advances in financial technology in terms of AI, Machine Learning makes Fintech offers many financial products that can not be offered by banks and finance companies.

In Indonesia, Fintech products are growing in variety. One of the fastest is P2P online loans or Peer To Peer Lending. Fintech P2P Lending Financial Services Authority products are offered by targeting various market segments, namely emergency funds, micro, and SME businesses, and specialty markets.

The P2P industry of just under 10 in 2016, now in 2019 has reached 99 P2P companies registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) offering online loans.

Cooperative Loans

Well, there is a cooperative you can lend today. But you must first sign up to become a member of the cooperative. You can become a member of the cooperative at your place of work.

Or you can become a member of a co-operative community in the neighborhood where you live. Loan cooperatives, for example. By lending to a cooperative, the amount of interest payable on a monthly basis is not large.

You can borrow $ 5,000, – to open a business, for example. If you are already a member of a cooperative, the loan application you submit will be processed and approved.

Once you obtain a loan, you will be required to pay a monthly installment plus interest fee as determined by the cooperative.